The contract for the construction of the road infrastructure has been awarded to a Tier 1 construction company, the Contractor has mobilized to the site and preliminary works has commenced. Completion will be in phases and will commence from the western section of the road going eastward in the direction of Adiva and Beechwood Estates. We expect that work would have been substantially completed by the beginning of quarter 3 2022 although sections of the road will be delivered from Q4 of 2021.

The main infrastructure to be provided include roads and power, including sub stations. The power line has already been completed. Sleeves will be created along the road to pass IT cables and other network cables if need be, in the future. There is going to be a monumental gate design that will be an icon of prestige.

No, there will be none but Lagos State Government’s requisite approvals will be required. Building drawings are subject to approval by our inhouse team as well.

We may be able to accommodate one filling station but subject to this being on one of the large plots on the main LNT Road. This is also subject to the fact that adequate safety measures are put in place due to the proximity of residential properties in our nearby estate.

Service charge will not apply.

Subject to being familiar with details, I believe this is possible. This also should be in line with laid down government approvals as well.


Yes, the typical 5% discount for upfront payment applies, any discounts outside of this will be reviewed by management on a case by case basis.

Not Applicable

From Lakowe (Deux Yard) to Adiva is 3.7kilometer although only one side of the dual carriage road will be built initially from Lakowe (Deux Yard) to the proposed site which is 2.5kilometer.

This is possible but subject to knowing details and subject to in house team approvals.

The roads are to be constructed using Continuous Reinforced Concrete Pavement Technology. It is designed to last for 50 years and can withstand movement of heavy machinery although the commercial plots are for light industries.

No, paving stones are planned for the internal roads.

Not applicable


No, survey fees are not included and will be at cost to the buyers.
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